Bringing an Informed Perspective to Trees and Planning

Bringing an Informed Perspective to Trees and Planning

by admin March 30, 2017

It can be easy to criticise planning officials.  However, when it comes to the arena of trees and planning, increasingly, the decision-makers lack specialist knowledge.  This is where we can help, as the following examples illustrate:

Planning Permission

When Bournemouth Council was seeking permission to increase classroom accommodation at one popular school, which is home to some substantial oak trees, we guided them on how to proceed without damaging the trees.  When someone suggested that the oak trees might be veterans, and would therefore need more space, we were able to justify the proposal, which was subsequently approved. Read more about our BS5837:2012 Reports…

Mitigation Planting

When a local business in Walsall was seeking to build a car park on abandoned land, they were happy to plant some trees to replace ones being removed.  With space at a premium, we were able to incorporate the trees within the parking bays using pioneering subterranean technology. Read more about planning Landscape Schemes…

TPO Tree Damage

When Bournemouth Council’s Education Department needed guidance on whether it would be realistic to try to fell a tree damaging a boundary wall (and subject to a TPO), they sought our guidance.  We were able to establish that the tree was significant, and an application to fell would be difficult to sustain.  This saved valuable time, and enabled to department to focus on an engineering solution

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