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Example: “Mr. G is a conscientious citizen, and when he wished to build a simple car port in his garden, he sought the advise of the planners.  His house is covered by a Tree Preservation Order, and soon architects fees were being required to provide the detailed plans the planners would need.  Then there was the Method Statement to BS5837:2012.  The meter was running as professional fees began to mount.  Then he spoke to us.  We provided a clear desk-top appraisal of the situation, guiding on what was needed so that he could make an informed decision”.

Questions you may have: 

  • I need a mortgage report.  Can you help?
  • Is my tree safe?  How can I know?
  • I am working on a planning application and have just been told I need a Method Statement.  What is this?
  • My neighbour has damaged my tree.  What can I do?
  • My tree has a TPO on it.  What can I do about pruning it?
  • I have just been informed by the Council that they have put a TPO on my tree.  What can I do?
  • I have just been refused planning permission.  What can I do?

and many more…

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Do You Need a Tree Report from a Qualified Arborist?

Cedarwood Tree Care is a practice of tree consultants who provide technical advice and support for a range of situations’.

We provide help and support with planning permission applications, BS5837:2012 tree reports, tree expert witness services and Tree Preservation Order disputes. We also provide a large number of additional services for people encountering tree problems or in need of tree advice, including mortgage reports and insurance reports for trees and site development surveys for building sites with trees.

BS5837:2012 Tree Reports

Councils and local authorities often require BS5837 tree reports to support planning applications for building and developing sites with trees. The British Standard ensures national acceptance of what must be included in the tree report. The British Standards for tree reports was updated in 2012 and all reports created by Cedarwood Tree Care conform to this new standard.

We assess the condition and contribution of trees within a site, advice on tree retention and removal and instructs on tree protection as part of the development and during construction works. Sites may have one tree or one thousand. A site survey is imperative, and getting advice on your trees early can avoid costly mistakes as the project develops.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

Tree preservation orders are applied by local authorities to protect trees deemed to be valuable to the environment. The trees are protected against removal and pruning. All maintenance work must be approved by the local authority and performed by accredited experts. If you are restricted by an existing TPO, or you are worried about a TPO breach, seek advice from a qualified arborist.

Tree Witness Expert

Lead consultant Mark Chester holds the Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate, enabling him to provide Expert Witness support for court cases and tree disputes, including Tree Preservation Order breaches and compensation for tree damage. A recent case summary described Mark as “a very impressive and authoritative witness”.

For a free consultation, drop us a line.  We are here to help!

The Journey | Week 1

The Journey: An Introduction I recently wrote about the variations that can exist among reports written in connection with planning applications and trees (to BS5837:2012).  Truth is, this issue is not restricted to trees and planning.  I have been at the launch of the new Lantra Mortgage course, and a core element of this training […]

‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Why are there such variations in the quality of tree reports?’

Lantra: Why are there such variations in the quality of tree reports to BS5837:2012 for planning applications? Writing tree reports to BS5837:2012, undertaking surveys of the trees present and seeking to guide their role within the planning process is often a key element of the work undertaken by tree consultants. There can be considerable variations in […]

Lantra Article – Tree Dynamics

Trees are more dynamic than we often appreciate. Britain is home to tens of millions of trees, each actively contributing to the immediate environment around them, and much of this unseen, even unknown.  The local park, a place of relaxation, is often formed around prominent trees under which residents gather and socialise.  The trees provide […]

CTC Newsletter

Tree safety Whilst dead trees may be obvious, one thing we recognise as tree managers is that the safety issues associated with trees are not limited just to the dead ones.  Indeed, dead trees can actually be safe.  A young, healthy tree can, in some settings, present safety concerns.  It takes a skilled eye to […]

Lantra: Passive Inaction is not Conservation

The UK is home to some of the most valued and treasured wildlife habitats in the world. Our woodlands, some dating back more than five centuries, contain ecosystems which are irreplaceable. The need for more tree planting, and to protect what we value, is high on the political agenda. And yet annual surveys over the past few years […]

Trees: How to be Safe, Not Sorry

Tree safety is seen as a priority for many people, especially landowners and managers.  Some are land-owners themselves that as they know the land they manage, and can tell a dead tree from a living one, they have nothing to worry about.  The reality is that tree-related problems can be very subtle.  A dead tree can [...]