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CTC Newsletter

by admin November 09, 2017

Tree safety

Whilst dead trees may be obvious, one thing we recognise as tree managers is that the safety issues associated with trees are not limited just to the dead ones.  Indeed, dead trees can actually be safe.  A young, healthy tree can, in some settings, present safety concerns.  It takes a skilled eye to see the trees which need further investigation.  Here at Cedarwood Tree Care, we can provide this support.

Tree Preservation Orders

Dealing with Tree Preservation Orders is becoming increasingly skilled.  In these days of local authority cuts, there has been a loss of skills within planning departments.  This is resulting in officers who lack specialist skills increasingly dealing with trees.  There are specific procedures to follow.  We have recently encountered decisions by officers to include trees in decline in confirmed TPOs in the hope that the trees would recover.  In these situations, we can help clients with technical statements to enable them to pursue appropriate consents.


Case Study: Mortgage reports, going beyond the basis

When Mr. W was purchasing a property, with trees in the gardens, the request from the insurers for a tree report was unexpected.  Could we help?  The Mortgage report can be as basic as stating whether trees could damage the property.  During the site visit, he advised that he planned to let the property in the short term.  Safety was therefore an issue.  We identified that roots from one tree were lifting slabs on a footpath.  The tree was not of notable merit, but was subject to a Tree Preservation Order.  We recognised that the tree needed to be felled to enable site works.  A previous application had been unsuccessful.  We provided technical evidence in support of the proposal, and were delighted that the client received consent recently.

Autumn Colour

Autumn seems to have started early this year, with the first leaves changing from green to hints of yellow at the end of August!  Hawthorn and Field Maple particularly stand out for their displays.  A visit to the National Arboretum at Westonbirt provides a sensory delight at this time of year.

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